Cities and regions


The history of Remiremont mentions a mountain (Mont) on which a young nobleman Romaric founded two monasteries in 620 that rose above the dark forests. The convent for women later became the renowned chapter of the Dames de Remiremont, which was known for its particularly sophisticated recruitment.

Today, the streets of Remiremont are a pleasure to stroll through the arches, the flowers and the traces of the rich abbesses of the past. The many terraces invite you for a snack or a drink.

On the Place des Dames, the beating heart of Remiremont, you will find the Palace of the Abbesses and the beautiful 17th and 18th century houses of the monks. The Maison-Musee Charles Friry is also located here. In addition to etchings by Rembrandt, Georges de la Tour’s Lyre Player with Bag is the highlight of this charming museum.

The abbey church of Remiremont is for the most part Gothic. Special attention is paid to the 17th-century marble decorations in the choir, which houses a monumental altarpiece designed to display reliquaries. The statue of Notre-Dame-du-Tresor in the right chapel dates from the 11th century. Below the choir is an 11th-century crypt with beautiful frescoes.

The Land of the Balloons

Just east of Remiremont is the Natural Park of the “Ballons des Vosges” Dense forests, wonderfully cool valley grounds and higher mountain meadows dotted with alpine flowers. The view from the highest peaks is breathtaking. It is the area of chamois, capercaillie and trout, yellow gentian and bilberry…….

These High Vosges are a wonderful tourist area with beautiful natural beauty and impressive views. It is less known that there was heavy fighting in the First World War. Tourism is given a meaningful interpretation by a visit to the front line from 1914-1918. The battlefields and trenches at the Lingekopf and the Hartmannswillerkopf are silent witnesses of this past….

Colmar and Nancy

About 80 kilometers north of Remiremont, an hour by car or train, is Nancy. A stroll through the city center around the Place Stanislas is a veritable treasure hunt through the lavish Art Deco style. In 2005 and 2006 most of the buildings and churches were beautifully restored.

With its many half-timbered houses and the vineyards surrounding the city, Colmar is a figurehead of traditional Alsace. A walk through the old quarters with toll booths and churches is not only a historical experience, but also just a nice walk! A boat trip through “Petit Venise”, which looks magical with its floral splendor, should not be missed.


Alsace is one of the most famous wine regions in France. It seems as if the landscape consists exclusively of vines. That was already the case in the time of the Romans. This “wine country” extends over an elongated strip about 60 kilometers east of Remiremont.

A waterfall of vines flows along the gently sloping eastern slopes of the Vosges. A bunch of neatly planted stakes put on a ‘green jacket’ in the spring, while the autumn shows flamboyant reds when it comes time for harvest.

In the villages and towns, the emblems of the half-timbered houses and inns indicate that wine is revered here like a king. The many wineries are ideal for tasting famous wines such as Riesling, Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer.