In 2022 we will be open from April 1 to November 1 and at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can enjoy a delicious menu on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!


Villa Moncoeur. 1 Chemin du calvaire. 88200 Remiremont.

Tel. (+33) 6 25622170 of (+31) 6 54103260


You can call, e-mail us or make your reservation request under the heading “The rooms”!

Who are we?

We, Marije and Rob, are the proud new owners of Villa Moncoeur. We have extensive experience in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands, and now we are “getting started” in the beautiful Vosges!

We aim to give you the ultimate holiday feeling. A day of breakfast outside, fantastic walking or cycling in the vast nature reserve of the Vosges, on arrival at the Villa on our lovely terrace or by the fireplace, a drink, lazing around, swimming until dinner starts. And if possible, we also serve that outside, enjoy a beautiful summer evening!